Hi! Howdy! Hola! Hallo! Bonjour! Ciao! Welcome to my store! Here you will find 11x8 signed prints,polaroids, and rubber...BANDS FOR SCIENCE! All pictures are printed on high quality glossy cardstock paper FULL BLEED. When you purchase a 12x18 print you get a "mini" random bonus print! <3  

Do you personalize orders?

YUS! But first I GET PUMPED by injecting straight pixie powder in my arm. Just include the name you want added the print made out to or if you want a special message. Or else it will just be licked (or kissed) and signed with my name. 

Where can I send questions? 

Lunalanieee@gmail.com for all your questions, concerns, bartering offers, boyfriend applications, business inquiries, and bookings. 

Where do you ship?

EVERYWHERE! ALL COUNTIRES! Even Diagon alley, Narnia, and Camelot. I charge a flat rate shipping fee of $12 for INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING

How long until I receive my order? Once it has been shipped 2-10 business days for domestic orders. International can vary 2-8 weeks. 

What if something is wrong with my Order or I haven't received it? Use the Contact on the bottom right hand side of the store! I shall handle and help with any issues the order may have encountered in deep space. If something is wrong with your order let me know and I will fix it. No returns or refunds once a product is shipped.

Why don't you have this (character) print?   YOU KNOW NOTHING JON SNOW... no but seriously some photographers do not want their images sold as prints. Also it's a lot of work to have a pro photo shoot that delivers a high quality resolution image capable for being blown up to monstrous sizes. So it might take a little time! But don't worry I recycle and make new costumes A LOT!